10 Kid Friendly Activies

Kid Friendly Activities

If you are anything like me you know you need to keep your child or children occupied, especially during the summer. With the school year ending, I’ve complied a list of 10 fun kid friendly activities you can do with your child that are free or relatively cheap. Keep in mind these are for different age groups. I currently have an almost 1.5 year old but some of these activities aren’t going to be for him as he’s too young for some, or most of them.

  1. Water Balloons: This is a great summer activity and is pretty good for kids of any age. Make sure younger children don’t eat or put the balloons in their mouth though. It’ll keep everyone cool and having fun. Invite some friends over and fill up balloons with water. Water balloons are super affordable too. kid activity, kid friendly activity, water balloon, summer fun
  2. Outdoor Bubble Bath: This is great for those younger children who may not know how to swim yet or are still learning. It lets them be outside and enjoy a fun bath full of extra bubbles. Similar to the indoor bath but no shampoo or washing. Just plenty of splashing around and many bubbles filling the mini pool.
  3. Bowling: This is a great activity and can be fun for all ages, even adults! Bowling alleys have bumpers so your little one can even enjoy rolling a ball (with adult supervision) down the lane to knock over pins. It isn’t about how many pins fall, but simply about having fun with friends or as a family. kid friendly, summer fun, bowling, summer activity, kid friendly activity,
  4. Pitch a Tent: This can be fun to collect sticks or rocks int he backyard. Learn about the bugs and insects you see outside. You can also roast hotdogs and make s’mores in a fire-pit or by using a grill.
  5. Take a hike: Looking for a fun family oriented activity, then a hike can be perfect. Hiking gets everyone outdoors and active. It’ll keep you all having fun and staying healthy and in shape. Be sure to pack snacks and plenty of water though to stay hydrated! kid friendly hike, kid friendly activity, hiking, nature, summer fun, summer activity
  6. Make a Fort: If it’s raining outside and you need something to do inside, let your kid create a fort. Help them get the spare pillows and sheets to build a fort with using the couch or their bed. Forts are also good to read books in or have the TV visible and watch a movie.
  7. Bake: Baking cookies or brownies or any treat is great whether it’s a pretty day out or a rainy/gloomy day. You can teach your child to make a food from scratch or buy premade cookies that you break apart and simply place into the over. This is also great for letting them make fun pancake designs but be sure you flip them so your child doesn’t get burned.kid friendly activity ,bake, baking, muffins, food, summer fun, summer activity
  8. Travel the World: This isn’t actually costing you anything. It is simply allowing you and your children to learn about a new place and culture. With this you can read a book or article online about the country. Then you can cook a traditional meal  with the help of your kids for dinner.
  9. Look at the Stars: Laying in the grass is wonderful and even more so at night. Most of us never go out and truly enjoy how big the night sky is. You can look up the stars and constellations and go outside and try finding them in the sky. This is something most kids will enjoy but perhaps bring out a large blanket for everyone to lay down on.
  10. Have a picnic: Picnics can be totally fun. You can adventure out to a park and sit in a field or even at a bench table. Be sure to make your sandwich prior to leaving. Feel free to bring kites, frisbees, or anything else you can play with while you are there as well. kid friendly, kid friendly activity, summer fun, summer picnic, picnic, summer activity

It’s always fun and exciting trying new things with your kids. Finding kid friendly activities to keep busy with all summer or even all year long isn’t always easy. I hope you enjoy this list of just a few kid friendly activities you can do.

What fun summer activities do you have planned?

Let me know below in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “10 Kid Friendly Activies

  1. I absolutely love going on picnics with my kids! A water balloon fight sounds perfect for the hot Florida summers we have!

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