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Blogging has always been more of a hobby for me. I’ve just always enjoyed writing and keeping a journal of sorts of my life. A friend once mentioned I should begin an online blog. I created one a few years back but didn’t write much on it and didn’t even consider making money with it. It was a free site as I didn’t want to pay for hosting or anything to just write. Now, I use WordPress and have just recently monetized my blog. You can check out WordPress and their plans here. I enjoy using WordPress as it’s simple to use and easy to understand. Depending on what you want to do with your blog will determine which plan is best for you.

Making the Money Blogging

Now I know when you search how to earn money blogging it seems like EVERYONE claims it’s super simple to earn $5,000 per month or more or even make a 6 figure income yearly. Honestly, it takes time and patience for that to happen. It isn’t that easy to just go from no following to thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers visiting your blog. It may happen if you get lucky enough to get a viral post or something but it’s not going to happen to just anyone or any blog.

I will say I did start getting a bit more serious about a year or so ago about blogging. With that being said, I didn’t decide to monetize my blog until around 4 months ago. I didn’t even do much with that aside from Google Adsense. This isn’t a get rich quick as it requires many, many people to view your blogs and such to earn even a few pennies. Another way I have learned you can make some income is by getting approved to be an Amazon Affiliate.

Blogging can be a good way to earn passive income as your blog grows. The more times you post content each week or month, the more your blog will grow. Of course you’ll need to share it on different social platforms and get readers. As your blog grows it can lead to passive income but don’t expect it to happen over night.

Blogging Goals

I set myself a blogging goal of actually writing more blogs each month. Ideally I’d like to blog twice a week but since I’ve kind of slacked off, my blog goal for this month is to write, post, and share one blog each week. This seems doable and reasonable. This allows me plenty of time to be with my family and run my small business as well. If you have a dog check out THIS dog blog and my SMALL SHOP as well.

I would love to have a sponsored post (where I get more than just a free item) in November as well but honestly, I’m unsure of where to begin with that. I’ll be researching proper ways to reach out to companies and if I have success, I’ll share what I have learned. I don’t want to share anything just to share content. I want to share quality content and products I believe in and that I can trust.

Blog Growth

I have seen steady growth these past few months for my blog. This makes me feel as if I am doing something correct with my blog. It’s helping me reach the goal of growing my blog to a larger audience.

Monthly Page Views:

April: 12 views
May: 35 views
June: 64 views
July: 66 views
August: 82 views
September: 98 views
October: 129 views

I know it’s not a lot of views but enough people clicked through my links to help me earn small commissions through Amazon (mainly) and a small amount from Google Adsense. Thanks to Amazon I earn around $73 in October and earned $2 from Google Adsense. It’s quite awesome as it’s something I didn’t actually expect to happen.

Sharing your Blog Posts

Some of the easiest ways I’ve found to share your blog is through Facebook. If you use Pinterest, which you should I highly recommend getting Tailwind. It makes sharing posts simple. You can get a free trial by clicking here and if you enjoy it, simply sign up! Thanks to Tailwind, I’ve seen the growth from my blog as it makes it easier and quicker for me to share to Pinterest instead of having to constantly share posts throughout the day. Tailwind does it automatically for me. I can easily set the interval (minutes, hours, or days) for sharing a specific post as well and pick multiple boards (individual and group boards) to share it to as well.


Blogging Preferences

Do you have a preference of which type of blogs I write and share? I do want to write more parenting type blogs about raising a toddler as well as being pregnant. Some blog ideas I have and plan to write are budget and finance blogs, kid friendly blogs (activities and things to do), and some recipe blogs. I hope you’ll stick around and comment below which blogs you will be most interested in reading!


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  1. I love reading about the progress of smaller, new blogs. It’s so much more motivating to see how just steady steps forward bring results. 🙂
    Hope you have a great blogging year in 2018!

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