Having My Camera Stolen is Devastating

Stolen Camera

stolen camera

Camera Stolen

As you can tell from the title of this post, it’s totally different than what I typically blog about. This is something I decided to share after lots of contemplation on the topic. If I’m speaking honestly, it took me four days, yes FOUR days to decide to tell my husband about my camera getting stolen. My camera is my livelihood and how I help support my family; with my camera stolen I can’t work. Yes, I did file a police report within minutes of the police arriving and I called them within minutes of the event happening. I’m shocked that someone could do this. I’m quite saddened by the event and the fact that I’m currently unable to replace my camera at this time.

The police did mention it’s extremely rare for cameras to actually be found once stolen. The chance of it being returned is around 1% at most which is clearly not very helpful in giving me the hopes I’ll get my camera and the gear that was stolen with it. I lost my camera body and two camera lenses. Together it cost nearly $2,500 and that’s just more money than I have to spend to replace it. With all this being said, I have been trying to use the website mentioned here┬áto track down any images that get uploaded from my camera since it has been stolen. So far, no luck yet.

Pawn Shops and Craigslist ads are placing I keep checking for it. Again, no luck yet. I’m lost without my camera and it’s only been a week. Yes, I have the camera on my phone but it is nothing compared to the high quality images my Canon DSLR was taking.

my stolen camera

Staying Positive?

I keep hoping it’ll reappear and the police will find it and the person who stole it. I’m trying to stay positive over this whole situation despite how truly difficult it is. Being surrounded by my friends who are fellow photographers doesn’t always help. Luckily they are willing to lend me their gear so I don’t have to miss out on photo adventures.

I keep reminding myself that my camera can be replaced even if it isn’t what I want to actually hear. It does help a good amount though.

Do any of you, my readers, have creative ideas to help raise the money for me to get my camera replaced? I’ve thought about selling some of my work but not fully set on that. Let me know any and all ideas you have below in the comments.

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