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Shopping Cart Solution – Review on the Cart Hammock

Cart Hammock – A Shopping Solution

You know when you go to the store and see those people putting the car seat in the child seat area? Doesn’t that just make you so nervous and cringe?

It’s completely unsafe and carts have a warning to not do that. Even so, so many people still do.

Doing this, can cause serious injury or even death.


Bixby Baby Cart Hammock


All of us parent’s have been there where we go to the store and have our newborn with us. It makes shopping difficult in the fact that you have the carseat in the cart and the no room for the items you need to get. What about shopping wit two little ones, a new born and a toddler? Then you definitely don’t have any room to spare in your shopping cart.

The solution is the cart hammock made by Binxy Baby. It’s a genius creation and was made by a mother of four.

Cart Hammock by Bixby Baby

The cart hammock allows you to shop with ease. I truly enjoy using it while shopping since I have a toddler and a newborn. It allows me to be able to go get groceries without needing two carts. Another perk is knowing your child is safe in the cart hammock.

Safety is definitely in place while using the cart hammock. It has two sturdy clips that are 12″ long, one on either side. The cart hammock has a bit of a stretch to it too, it fits most shopping carts sized 20″-24″ wide. The hammock has velcro straps to add another set of safety and security.

The cart hammock can also hold 50 lbs. It safely and securely holds my newborn in and out of the carseat. It’s super soft and has two layers of upholstery weight to ensure the product is strong and stable.

Cart Hammock by Bixby Baby

The Binxy Baby Cart Hammock is meant for newborns up to babies who can sit up. You have the option to keep your child inthe carseat and strap that on the hammock or you can strap your child in the hammock and leave the carseat in your vehicle.

Are you a mother to twins? You can get two of these hammocks and strap two onto the cart. It may cover up most of the cart but there’s still adequate space underneath the hammocks for the items you are at the store for.

This is truly a product that makes life so much easier. It also allows me to spend way too much time at Target browsing and shopping for many items I don’t need. The main use for mine is to be able to go to the grocery store and have both my kids with me.

Ready to purchase a Binxy Baby Cart Hammock for yourself or for a friend? Save 10% now. They also make wonderful baby shower gifts.

This is truly an amazing product and I’m so thank ful to have come across it shortly after having my second child. It makes my life so much easier and they have quite a few different designs so you are sure to find one you like. Once you get the product you will LOVE it. It’s so helpful even if you only have a newborn. It’s lightweight and compact and can fit in most handbags as well. Quick and easy to set up on the cart and it’s a purchase you’ll be happy you made.

Cart Hammock

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5 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Solution – Review on the Cart Hammock

  1. Oh my gosh YES! My LO is 7 months but when she was still an itty bitty my husband was like “but I see people putting the car seat in the front part” and I’m like NOPE NOPE NOPE so I just babywore her every store we went to which was fine. This would have been PERFECT!!

    1. So glad you didn’t let him. I baby wore my first, he’s 2 now but it’s tough to baby wear my 7 week old and get my 2 year old in the cart. So this is totally a life saver for me.

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