affiliate and ad networks to join as a new blogger

New Blogger – Affiliate and Ad Programs to Join

As a new blogger, you may not think there is much you can do with little views or people reading your blog. Honestly, there’s so much you can still do to monetize your blog. These are easy ways to make money from day one. You don’t need to be an expert No need to create anything No massive page views…

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How to Become a Morning Person

I never used to be a morning person. I would always consider myself a night owl. I’d stay up all night or at least until 1am or 2am. Then, eventually that all changed. I started second guessing myself as a night owl as I had talked to other people. Every morning I wake up around 6am, definitely up by 7am.…

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Sewing - Learning to Sew

Sewing Projects: Fun and Easy

Every year I make it a habit to learn something new. This year I decided to learn to sew. Honestly, I’m still not that good at it but I can only improve with practice, right? That’s at least what I am telling myself over and over. I decided to ask my friends who sew to send me some of their…

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Recipes for All – Delicious Food

There’s so many delicious recipes out there that exist. You couldn’t believe how many there are, but I’ve found a website that has it all. Recipes that are delicious but also it includes where to get the best cookbooks and bakeware. Healthy Recipes When we think of making our own food we either want healthy, simple/quick, or both. There’s  plenty…

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – A Beautiful City to Live in

When you hear someone say Fort Lauderdale you should go straight to thinking of beautiful sunny weather and nice sandy beaches. It is a beautiful tropical climate but it does get random bursts of rain, it never lasts long though. Not only is Fort Lauderdale a gorgeous place to vacation, it’s an even better place to call home. Living in…

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How to use Tailwind to grow your blog on Pinterest

How to use Tailwind to Grow Your Blog

We all want to grow our blog quickly but it’s not always easy. If you aren’t using Tailwind though, you are seriously missing out. I currently have 984 pins queued right now. You may not understand what this means but I have pins scheduled to post from now (May 1) through August! That’s with posting 7-9 pins per day. I’m…

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Earn Money Blogging, how to earn money blogging, how to make money as a blogger

How to Earn Money Blogging

A few years ago I started reading blogs. So many blogs on various topics. I still read them today, and many new blogs as well. What I also noticed was that they were making money from them. I enjoy writing and was curious if I could make money from blogging as well. Was I good enough to earn money blogging?…

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How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018

Creating a Successful Blog Starting a blog and the fact you can earn money can seem unrealistic. Now more and more people are starting to create blogs, hundreds every day. The best way to have a successful blog and earn money from it is to create content that your readers can relate to. The plus side with so many blogs…

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A Comparison of the DockATot Deluxe+ and Grand

If you have been following my blog or following me over on Instagram you will know I absolutely LOVE the DockATot. I did a review on the DockATot Deluxe+ which can be found here. This product has become an essential item in my household now. Anytime we don’t sleep at the house or have our kids stay with family we…

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Exclusive Pumper

Exclusive Pumper – What It’s Like

About Exclusively Pumping If your nurse or feed on demand that is truly fantastic. Your baby gets more this way than what a pump can get out. When your baby is on your breast they may get 4-5oz but if you pumped you may only be getting 1-2oz. This is what an exclusive pumper can expect in most cases. I…

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