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A Comparison of the DockATot Deluxe+ and Grand

If you have been following my blog or following me over on Instagram you will know I absolutely LOVE the DockATot. I did a review on the DockATot Deluxe+ which can be found here. This product has become an essential item in my household now. Anytime we don’t sleep at the house or have our kids stay with family we give them the DockATot to use for the kids as it’s a familiar place for them to feel comfortable. I’m trying to recall how I survived without it with my son who didn’t have the Deluxe+ when he was younger.

DockATot Review - DockATot Grand and Deluxe - DockATot Baby Products

So my daughter is now about to be 4 months old and she finds comfort and happiness in her Deluxe+ while my son who is 2 is beyond obsessed with his Grand. He ended up getting one because he kept stealing his sister’s anytime I would take her out to feed or hold her he would crawl into hers and relax. He didn’t care that it was way too small for him but I wanted him to have the larger one that was proper for his age and size. My son is about 28 pounds and fits in the Grand with room for some toys that he can play with. He loves playing his learning games in there. He also will build with his block in his Dock as well. My daughter is right at about 10 pounds and has plenty of room to keep growing in her Deluxe+ Dock.

When I received the Grand in the mail I was shocked to say the least at how large the box was in comparison to the Deluxe+. It reassured me I had made the proper choice to start with the Deluxe+ and not the Grand for my newborn. This product is meant to help a baby feel safe and comfortable like they did in the womb. So the Grand is far too big for that, I don’t recommend purchasing that one for a newborn at all. The Grand is meant for babies 9-36 months of age and weigh between 22-40 pounds.

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DockATot High Quality Baby Product Review Grand and Deluxe

Q: Do you use the DockATot in a crib?

A: I don’t use it in a crib; I typically have it on the floor or on my bed under close supervision. DockATot does NOT recommend it for use in a crib or a bassinet. More information on that here.

Q: Is it worth the money?

A: So this was something I got emails about after my review of the Deluxe. Honestly, for me it is 100% completely worth the money. My daughter has been using hers since around 4 weeks old and within a few days her sleep schedule and nap schedule was greatly improved. My daughter takes all her naps in it and usually we will let her sleep in it until we are about to head to bed and then we put her in the crib without the dock.

Q: Do you have a discount code we can use?

A: I most certainly do! Click here for a $10 savings off your purchase through DockATot.

DockATot Discount

DockATot Sizes

DockATot Deluxe+

  • Meant for babies weighing between 5-22 pounds
  • Size: 18 inches wide x 29-34 inches in length. It’s 29 inches if the clips are close and 34 inches if the clips are open.
  • Stage 1 DockATot

Something else that’s super awesome about the Deluxe is that it has a toy arch you can purchase and toys you can put on it. This allows baby to actively engage and be entertained while restfully laying down in their dock.

DockATot Grand

  • Meant for babies weighing between 22-40 pounds
  • Size: 24 inches wide x 39-47 inches in length. It’s 39 inches if the clips are closed and 47 inches if the clips are open.
  • Stage 2 DockATot

DockATot Testing - DockATot Discount Code - DockATot Deluxe - DockATot Grand

I truly hope this helps answer any questions you have about the DockATot products. I’m happy to help answer any questions you may have about my own experiences with them. If not, leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.


I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I wouldn’t promote anything I didn’t love and use myself.

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