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DockATot – A Favorite Multi-Use Baby Item

Dock A Tot / DockATot

If you have followed me on nearly any of my social media posts, you would have seen me mention the Dockatot at least once, if not a few times by now. It’s a product I absolutely love and is a must have item.



The dockatot is a product I didn’t get until my daughter was around 5 weeks old. I do understand that it holds a hefty price tag and may be out of price range for most people. Trust me though, it’s fully worth the cost (click here to save $10). My sweet little girl hasn’t been a good sleeper until the dockatot got here and it’s been so helpful ever since with getting her to sleep longer stretches during the night. The idea behind the dockatot is to resemble being in the womb which is why it helps your little one to sleep better and simply find comfort lounging in it.


About the DockATot

They come in two different sizes; one is the Deluxe which is for ages 0-8 months and the other is the Grand which is for ages 9-36 months. I have the Deluxe and it’s a good size and if I decide I need to get the next size up when she reaches 8 months I totally will make the purchase. Honestly, I do currently plan to get it when the time comes. It’s a fantastic product as it is multi-functional. It can be a lounger to relax in  or for playtime as your child gets older but also wonderful for them to sleep in or even as a co-sleeper.

The product is designed in Sweden and made in Europe. It has been extensively tested for breathability and passes expectations. Another perk is that it is OEKO-TEX® certified. The product is not organic, but organic doesn’t always mean better. The OEKO-TEX® goes further than other standards addressing the safety of textiles. The Dockatot comes with the assurance that each piece part of the product complies with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1. It’s all tested after the printing/dying process.


Better Sleep

My daughter is a much better sleeper since introducing this to her. She enjoys naps in it and lounging in it during the daytime. I do also use it for tummy time sometimes too. Since I co-sleep, it’s safe to use overnight. I really like the fact that it’s portable and travels well. This allows her to go places and be able to lounge or nap in her dockatot which is a place she feels safe.

The product has a washable cover and it can be washed many times without issues. I have washed our cover many times already in the few short weeks I’ve had it and it comes out beautifully every time. If you aren’t wanting to have to wait to use it while your cover washes, you can easily purchase a spare cover.

Honestly speaking, both my kids enjoy it. I catch my son laying in it anytime my daughter isn’t in it. If she is in it, he usually will try to lay in it or as best as he can without pushing her out. I’m thinking I need to get him his own and he would need the grand size he is 2 years old. I’m delighted both my kids enjoy this and seeing how calm it makes my daughter is wonderful.


Where I use it

I mainly use our dockatot around the house. If I’m co-sleeping it is in the bedroom with me. When my family is up and running around, it stays in the living quarters so we can all be close to keep an eye on my daughter while she is hanging out in it. It’s cozy and soft and I almost wish it came in an adult size too. I have taken this outside to use so my son can run around the garden and have fun. Bringing the dockatot outside lets me be able to ensure the safety of both my children at the same time and lets my toddler burn off his energy that he has a never ending supply of. Anytime it gets a bit of dirt on it, I simply just am sure to toss it into the washer to make sure it’s clean and stays that way.

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8 thoughts on “DockATot – A Favorite Multi-Use Baby Item

    1. You’re so welcome. It’s been a total game changer and life saver with getting my child to sleep better at night. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  1. So simple, but c’mon, I mean that is the whole point! The simple stuff is what we need for babies {& mommies}. Awfully cute patterns too!

    1. Agreed. The simple things are usually necessities for us mums. They are so helpful in most cases, especially this DockATot.

  2. I have been wondering about this! It looks like a great idea. I totally wish this was around when my daughter was an infant. I’ll have to remember for baby #2.

    1. Yes! I wish I had it for my now toddler when he was an infant but so so thankful to have it now for my second little one. It’s a lifesaver.

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