Hospital Bag Redo and Must Haves

Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag – What to Pack

Honestly, with my first child I overpacked my hospital bag and ended up having quite a bit of stuff, most of which I didn’t need. So here is my must have list of items to bring, and I am writing this as I prepare my hospital bag for my second child who is due in just a few more short weeks! My first child, who is now two was a boy. This time I am expecting a girl, and I’m not wanting to overpack. Although, let’s face it, most females overpack but there isn’t a need to for your hospital bag.

If you are a first time mum, I hope you find this list helpful. You totally don’t want to make it seem like you are moving into the hospital when you’ll most likely only be there for two to three days. Every situation is different so you may stay longer but there isn’t a need to have a suitcase, a diaper bag, make up bag, and more for your hospital stay while having your baby. I’m certain you will pack items that will be super helpful and items that you totally didn’t need. I know I was that way, and then there were items I also wish that I had packed.

Hospital Bag

What I didn’t need

  • Extra Baby Clothes

I ended up packing so many outfits for the hospital and honestly I only used two of them. One of them was the coming home outfit. The majority of the time I had him wrapped in a blanket and in a little hat provided by my hospital (I’d still bring a hat in case the hospital doesn’t provide that). The blanket made it easier for changing the diapers while at the hospital and well babies just like to be swaddled in them. As for sizes, I used 3 month mainly but my son was tiny and able to use newborn.

  • Nursing Gowns

I had brought two of these and didn’t really find them necessary or helpful. As someone attempting to breastfeed, they just didn’t work for me and I ended up just not even wearing them. Instead I wore my robe which made learning to hold baby and feed him easier. Either get and bring a robe or just use a button down pajama top as it’ll make it easier.

  • Makeup Bag

As someone who doesn’t wear makeup, like ever, I still packed a makeup bag. This is something I didn’t need but I thought I’d use it for any photos taken of myself and baby. I didn’t even use it but if you are a makeup person, only bring the basics. You’re going to be exhausted and not have the energy to put on makeup like usual. Although a facial moisturizer was something I was happy to have brought along.

What I wish I had

  • Extra Pillows

Having extra pillows is fantastic. I did bring a few pillows from home and I was super thankful for that since the pillows at the hospital are flat and not the best. Luckily my husband let me use the two pillows we brought so I’d be more comfortable. That left him with the hospital pillows. I think he ended up with four, maybe five of them and still didn’t sleep well and he totally had neck pain from not having a quality pillow to use. So this time around, we plan to bring a pillow or two for him as well. So be sure to bring pillows for yourself and whoever is staying with you overnight at the hospital.

hospital bag

  • Extra No-Slip Socks

This was an item I didn’t even think about. Let’s just say I brought myself regular socks, the thin kind too. So I was sliding on the floor when trying to walk around the room or the hospital area when I wanted to just get out of the same four walls I felt I was trapped in. The hospital kindly provided a pair of socks with grips and I was so thankful for that. It’s something I do need to make sure I bring next time around as they were super beneficial to have. I got this 3-pack of no slip socks for the second time around.

  • Dry Shampoo

I thought I’d be able and willing to shower while at the hospital after having my baby. That wasn’t the case at all. I definitely wish I had dry shampoo so my hair wasn’t looking gross and so greasy after a few days of not being washed. This is an item I’ll be putting into my hospital bag next time. I really like using this dry shampoo so I made sure to get extra to bring with me to the hospital.

  • My Own Pads

The hospital provides these for you so I decided not to pack mine. Honestly, I wish I had packed the ones I got as they would have been more comfortable than the hospital provided ones. The ones given at the hospital are thick and bulky, which isn’t technically bad since you need them to be super absorbent. The ones I planned to bring were smaller but still super absorbent and would have been more comfortable. I have learned next time I’ll bring my own so I have the option to pick which ones to use.

  • Boppy Pillow

Of course I didn’t consider bringing the boppy pillow I was given as a gift at my baby shower. It definitely would have been helpful with trying to breastfeed. My husband did offer to drive home to get it for me, but I didn’t want him driving the hour to our house and then an hour back just for one item I should have packed to begin with. Then again, I’m not sure he even knew what a boppy pillow was to be honest. It’s now on my list of items to be sure to bring next time.

hospital bag

What I couldn’t live without

  • Portable Fan

All throughout my pregnancy I was always beyond warm and sweating. It wasn’t fun at all. I always had to have a fan with me when going out or have the fan on while at home and I made my family use blankets so I would be comfortable instead of hot, sweaty, and more irritable than usual. With all of that said, I was happy to have gotten this wonderful little portable fan. It’s great to attach to the stroller as well for walks, especially during the warm months. In Florida, that’s a year round thing, it’s always warm here.

  • Chapstick

My lips are always chapped it seems, probably because I pick at them. This was a big requirement for me to have though as while in labor my lips got really dry and chapped and it was terrible. Worse than it had ever been. Luckily I had a few in my purse (like usual) and so I was constantly using it. Typically I use whatever I have but the mint one was totally refreshing compared to the other scents I had. I am quite positive I used an entire tube over the course of the five days I was at the hospital. I’d definitely make sure you have a few things of chapstick with you.

Hospital Bag

One more thing, be sure to pack yourself a pair of underwear to wear home. You won’t need them while you stay as the hospital provides the cutest (SARCASM) pairs for you to use while there. What are some thing you would add to this list for your Hospital Bag must haves?

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