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This is for all those who are a mother with a child of any age. You’ll totally relate more if you have a young child or can remember those days of having a younger child. I totally am loving motherhood and being a mum but it’s totally tough at the same time.

My son, he is the cutest kid ever, yeah I’m biased but aren’t we al about or own children? Let’s just say he’s a total piece of work though. Absolutely dislikes the word “no” and cries or at least gets upset when he hears it. Yes, even if we scold our dogs and he hears that word, he cries. My child is only 1 so I know he will outgrow this in time, or so I hope.

My life is also pretty consumed by my three dogs. They are so good with my son and he’s great with them as well. I have a German shepherd, an Australian shepherd, and an Italian greyhound/chihuahua mix. They get along great together despite their size differences. All are total lap dogs though.

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What can you expect from this blog? Well, you can expect me to share stories of things that happen in my life, what it’s like having mental illnesses, how I’m trying to self-training a service dog, health/wellness, and some food recipes! Kind of like a give all lifestyle blog.

My family is my entire life and I wouldn’t be the person I am without them, yes even my dogs because they always make me laugh and help keep me active.

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