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Nanobébé Bottle – The best Breastfeeding Bottle

Nanobébé Bottle - The best breastfeeding bottle

As a mother to now two amazing children, I decided I wanted a bottle that would be better for breastfeeding when I did pump and then feed that way. I was told not to introduce a bottle early on but I did because my sweet daughter just wasn’t gaining weight and that was a concern for both myself and my family as well as her doctor. The Nanobébé bottle is innovative and inventive in that it is built to cool pumped breast milk faster and warm it up faster as well. This bottle was made with science in mind. If you can cool and warm breastmilk faster, it hangs on to the nutrients more than your standard bottle style. When I came across these bottles, I just knew I had to share them with you.

Nanobébé Bottle

As a mother to a newborn, I decided I was going to breastfeed my little one. It didn’t work out for my first child but I am determined to do my absolute best this time around. I’, avidly pumping as much as I can for my daughter and when I came across this bottle, I just knew it would be the best one to use. I really like that it is shaped like a breast, although the design is to help with quick cooling and quick warming of the bottle.

Nanobébé Bottle

Nanobébé is the first and only bottle of its kind specifically designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients. It’s a bottle that doesn’t compromise on convenience either. This reinvented style of the bottle spreads the milk out and is also shaped like a breast. For myself, this makes me feel better about feeding my 6 week old a bottle with pumped breastmilk. She happily holds the rounded part so I’m sure she still believes she’s on a breast based solely off the shape of the bottle. The concave bottle part of the bottle also allows her to help hold onto the bottle.


nanobebe bottle

The unique design of the nanobébé bottle allows the milk to spread to a thin layer to cool faster and heat up quicker. This method allows for two times heating or cooler preserving nutrients better than the standard bottles do. Those precious nutrients mothers work so hard to provide are now better preserved.

Shared Feedings

This bottle makes it great for those who want to be able to have someone else feed their baby. Whether you are a working mother or just wanting dad to be able to bond with dad; you’ll be happy to have this bottle for whoever may be helping to feed your little one. A mother will be at ease knowing their baby can easily transition back and forth between breast and bottle. The dome shape makes it easy for those tiny hands to hold, so babies only a few months old can hold it. When your baby is ready to begin to self feed, the concave bottom makes it so much easier for little ones to hold.

Pumping with the Nanobébé Bottle

Nanobébé makes pumping a breeze with an adaptor. This adaptor fits most standard pumps, those with a narrow neck. Most mothers I know use a medela or ameda and it fits those. My spectra pump is a wide neck so the adaptor doesn’t work for my specific pump. If that’s the case, you can do what I do! I simply pump into a storage bottle and then pour it into my Nanobébé bottle. Another option, if you really want to pump directly into your Nanobebe bottle, is to buy an adaptor to convert the wide neck to a narrow neck.

These bottles are anti-colic and feature a 360° venting system with two vents that release air, even when covered by baby’s mouth. This reduces colic and helps keep baby comfortable during feedings. They are easy to take apart and dishwasher safe. This makes for a easy cleanup which is helpful for everyone. Less time cleaning and more time cuddling baby.

These are fantastic bottles and should definitely be on your baby registry if they aren’t already on there!

Nanobebe Bottles

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