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New Blogger – Affiliate and Ad Programs to Join

affiliate and ad networks to join as a new blogger

As a new blogger, you may not think there is much you can do with little views or people reading your blog. Honestly, there’s so much you can still do to monetize your blog. These are easy ways to make money from day one.

  • You don’t need to be an expert
  • No need to create anything
  • No massive page views or email list required

Affiliate marketing is publishers (bloggers) who recommend products or services to their readers.

new blogger ad and affiliate networks to join

So if you are a new blogger, you definitely need to read this and you can learn some new ways to monetize your blog

Limit how many affiliate and ad networks you join until you understand them. Many use a $100 threshold to get your payout, but some are less while other can be more. Another things to remember and check into is how they offer the payout. Some will offer it by cheque, bank deposit, or PayPal. I typically opt for PayPal if they have that option.

Share what your audience likes and might need. Don’t just share everything in hopes of making a sale. Throwing links around isn’t going to help you get more sales, that much is true.

Affiliate Marketing for the New Blogger

There’s plenty of affiliate and ad networks you can join. The ones on this list are ones I use that also have no page view requirements. There are plenty that do but those will not be included on this list. Basically you write about products or services you love. This includes explaining to your readers how to find that product or service and link it using your affiliate link. When the reader purchases, you earn a commission.

1. Amazon

This in my opinion is the best one. Amazon is a majorly used online website. Your reader has 24 hours to purchase once they click through using your link. They don’t even have to purchase the product you mentioned or linked to. Anything they purchase you’ll earn a commission on. So if you link to a beauty product and they purchase a pet product within those first 24 hours, you’ll receive a commission. It may be a small amount but it’s a sure way to earn some income.

Of course, read their terms and conditiona as they limit how and where you can share their affiliate links. Along with that, you have 90 days to make your first affiliate sale with them.

Click here to sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate.

2. ShareASale

This is one I use quite often and probably see the most income out of the few I do use. This is because it isn’t just one company, it’s a bunch of company affiliates rolled into one big website. It contains a multitude of companies from small business to large companies. This includes brand names such a Tailwind, Petplate, and NHL. One thing though to keep in mind is you will have to apply to each merchant (brand) individually to be accepted.

Another perk is earning by recommending it to other bloggers as well.

Join ShareASale and become an affiliate here.

3. VigLink

Viglink is great for those who are technophobes. You don’t need to be good at applying or remembering affiliate links. It does the hard work for you. Plus it’s payour threshold is only $25 instead of the usual $100 that most other companies have. Once applied and accepted, you have access to all their companies they offer to link back to automatically. There’s no need to apply to each merchant, viglink accepts you and then you have full access to earn a commission from all of them.

Click here to join VigLink and become an affiliate.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest affiliate programs existing. They have partners such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond and LOFT. It’s a perfect fit for lifestyle bloggers but also many other types of bloggers as well. They want you to be successful as an affiliate on their team. They have plenty of tools and help, up to and including full management.

Click here to become a CJ Affiliate.

5. Google Adsense

Adsense was the first ad network I joined and I believe it is for most bloggers. A plus to using them is they have no minimum page view requirements to become part of their program.

They can be difficult to understand at first but there are WordPress plugins you can use to help with implementing them. There’s also tons of articles to maximize your payouts with them. Their threshold is a minimum of $100 before you get a payout. In the beginning in took me probably between 6-8 months, maybe longer. Now I see a cheque from them every month or every other month at minimum. That’s the downside is low rates and a high minimum payout.

Join Google Adsense here.

6. Blog’s Skeleton

This is the host of your blog. If you don’t have one you definitely need one. I love Siteground and cannot recommend it enough. I’m an affiliate for them because I think they are such a great hosting site and will recommend them anytime someone asks.

A great way to recommend these resources is to link to them in your footer of your blog, “Hosted by XYZ and Theme by XYZ.” Link the names of the companies to your affiliate links. Why not earn a little extra income that way, as it is also discreet.

Need to start a blog still? Click here to learn how to create a blog easily!

Click to become a Siteground Affiliate.

7. Tools You Use and Like

One major tool I really enjoy is Tailwind. It’s super easy and make pinning to Pinterest a breeze. If you are a food blogger look to see if a meal planner or meal subscription you use has an affiliate program. Look for things that are specific for your niche.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to programs to see if they have an affiliate program. Sometimes it’s not as easy to find on their site or not listed unless you reach out to them about it.

Click to become a Tailwind Affiliate.

Now Go and Make Some Money Blogging!

What is your favorite way to earn income as a new blogger or what was your favorite way to earn income when you were a new blogger?

new blogger affiliate and ad programs to join


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