Pet Influencers – The Rise of Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer marketing, anything goes these days. There are so many ways YOU can become an influencer whether you have a pet or not. Although this one will focus mostly on pet influencers, I’ll have links for pet related influencers for reference.

There is so much growth for influencer marketing and many companies are taking advantage of that. That means, that even your pet can become a big name influencer for products that are fully unrelated to pet products. When it comes to being an influencer, you want to make sure you promote for the right reasons. That means, not promoting just to say you got free product or got paid to promote. You want to be real, honest, and open with your followers. If you regularly use a specific product or brand, those are the ones you should be wanting to promote.

Pet Influencers- The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Pet Influencers

Companies are also looking for people and pets who already promote their products organically. This means without having reached out to the company. It means you paid for the product and genuinely love it and are willing to promote it regardless of them wanting you as an influencer. A great pet influencer to look at is Charlie Grace & Rosie Belle. Sometimes you become an influencer without eve realizing it. Those are how you know you are creating an impact with others.

Some big name pet influencers are Jiff Pom, Doug the Pug, and Venus (the twofaced cat). I’m pretty obsessed myself with pet influencers myself and love seeing and following an abundance of them. You can easily be an influencer without these massive followings although some companies prefer the bigger following. Other companies, big or small, might prefer how genuine you are and how engaging your audience is.

I think one of my favorite dog influencers is Finley. Finley is this super stylish English Spring Spaniel. Seriously, this dog has STYLE! This dog has what looks to be legitimate curly hair that many compare to a rockstar. Check out Finley for yourself if you don’t wanna take my word for it.

What makes companies want to work with pets over people sometimes?

Over half of households have pets and with that, pet owners are becoming even more valuable influencers. Many brands are thinking outside the box when searching for who they want to promote their products. They want influencers who align with their brand  but who can also implement their products to their daily life. Some examples of this are pet friendly hotels wanting to work with pet influencers so showcase that they happily accept and allow animals at their hotels.

Another example are beer commercials. Take Budweiser for example, they’ve grown to include pets in their commercials and MAKE IT WORK. These commercials pull at our heartstrings and help many to be convinced to purchase from them. Many people have a soft spot for animals in general, whether a cat, dog, or another animal. This plays into how they can market to a vast amount of people and create a larger customer base.

Some brands I personally feel that could make pet influencers work that doesn’t seem totally normally would be Bounty or another paper towel company. Pets have accidents, get sick, and create a lot of mess generally speaking. Therefor we tend to use paper towels to clean these messes up. Showcase it together, and BAM! you’ve got a great idea. A coffee company, whether a chain store or a company that makes bagged coffee is another idea. Many dog owners drink coffee therefor we can include a relaxing morning or morning routine that shows the dog but also the owner making a cup of coffee and then going to relax on the couch together. There are many ideas and companies out there that love working with pets or want to but maybe need some help in making it happen. If you think your pet has what it takes, reach out to companies and give it a shot!

What companies have you seen pets work with? Who are some fo your favorite pet influencers?

Pet Influencers- The Rise of Influencer Marketing

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