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Sewing - Learning to Sew

Every year I make it a habit to learn something new. This year I decided to learn to sew. Honestly, I’m still not that good at it but I can only improve with practice, right? That’s at least what I am telling myself over and over. I decided to ask my friends who sew to send me some of their favorite, yet super easy or basic sewing projects.


If you are just learning to sew, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Learning to Sew

  1. Read the directions all the way through. Read each step and make sure you understand it.
  2. Take your time when cutting out and preparing your fabrics. Having your pattern pieces cut precisely will make a huge differece in the outcome of your project.
  3. Don’t worry if you mess up, everyone was a beginner at some point. Messing up is a sign you are trying and you can only improve with practice.
  4. Be sure to have fun. My first bunch of projects were a total disaster. I had fun making them even though they were quite awful but it’s helped me to learn to be patient and keep practising.

The Great List of Sewing Projects


A Pillow Case

sewing a keyring

Keyring Fob

sewing a tote bag

A Tote Bag

sewing a scarf


sewing a headband wrap

Headband Wrap


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sewing and learning to sew

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