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How to use Tailwind to Grow Your Blog

How to use Tailwind to grow your blog on Pinterest

We all want to grow our blog quickly but it’s not always easy. If you aren’t using Tailwind though, you are seriously missing out. I currently have 984 pins queued right now.

You may not understand what this means but I have pins scheduled to post from now (May 1) through August! That’s with posting 7-9 pins per day. I’m honestly constantly finding new high quality pins to share, plus whatever pins I create for my new blog posts.

I can confidently abandon Pinterest (although I won’t) for three to four months and still be bringing traffic to my blog. It’ll keep pinning and sharing my content which brings me blog traffic, social media follows, and sales.

What’s my secret? It’s called Tailwind and it shouldn’t be a secret.

How to use Tailwind to Grow your blog with Pinterest

*I’m loving Tailwind and this post will contain affiliate links

Scheduling this many pins won’t be easy and will definitely take some time to build up. Don’t schedule your pins all in a single day, you’ll be exhausted. Honestly, it took me probably around 3-4 weeks to build this up, maybe even 5 weeks. There’s no reason to go crazy like I did, but creating enough content and making a stockpile of pins to share for even a month is HUGE. I’ll also say that Pinterest is my main traffic source for my blog as well.

Create a Schedule

First you will want to create your Tailwind account (click here to begin) and decide how many pins per day you want to average. I try to keep mine to a minimum of 10 but sometimes it’s more and other times it’s just a few below that. For me it depends on how many I have queued and how quickly I want them to be shared. If you are truly ambitious you can aim for 20-30 per day. I know people who pin 10/day and people who pin upwards of 50-60/day.

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Tailwind will even make scheduling easier for you with their Smart Schedule Feature. It automatically picks the best times to share according to your own Pinterest engagement. This is helpful so that your pins are pinned at times when they are more likely to be seen and have your followers engage with them. If you are just starting out, you may need to pick some time slots until Tailwind gathers enough information to really make it work for you.

Create Board Lists

You no longer have to pin to just one board at a time which is super time consuming. You can speed the process up by pinning to multiple boards at once thanks to creating board lists.

Overall, you should be pinning to both your boards and group boards. Something else to consider is to make sure you share them to relevant boards, with similar topics. Tailwind Grow Blog on Pinterest

3. One-Click Scheduling

Most bloggers have share buttons integrated into their blog. I’m sure you do as well, if you don’t you definitely need to add them. You will want to make sure you are able to share the posts from your blog though with a quick share Tailwind icon. It also allows you to share from other blogs quickly too, even ones that don’t have share buttons on it.

Tailwind offers extensions which work on all browsers. You can quickly and easily share posts from your blog, other blogs, and even Pinterest.

4. Pick Your Interval

Probably my favorite feature of Tailwind is the ability to do Interval Scheduling. This feature will allow you to schedule a single pin to multiple boards with a few clicks.

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Where you see “Type a Board Name” you’ll be able to quickly add your list there.  Another feature you will see once you have 2+ boards listed is a schedule button.

Tailwind Interval Scheduling for Pinterest

You can pick any amount of time between pins. I usually do anywhere from 1 day to 3 days apart.

If you schedule them 24 hours (1 day) apart your scheduling for posting will be as such:

  • Day 1 it’ll post to “All You Need to be Inspired”
  • Day 2 it’ll post to “Top Blogs – Pinterest”

With using those lists, I’ll be able to post to my boards and my group boards evenly. Now there’s no more cluttering them but also no more going days to weeks without boards getting a blog post shared.

What are your favorite methods to using Tailwind and Pinterest together?

Grow your blog and followers using Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduling

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