Bookroo: A Subscription That’s Wonderful for Kids

Bookroo Subscrription




What is it and why should I care?

Bookroo is a book subscription for kids. They have board books for children ages 0-2 as well as picture books for children ages 2-6. Every board book set includes 3 books that are individually wrapped while the picture books is a set of two books individually wrapped. The picture books are hardcover books though so they are great for the age group it’s geared for. Bookroo doesn’t send you classic books that are easy to find, instead they send you books that are more of a hidden gem. This is great because it lets you learn of new books that you most likely didn’t even know existed. It’s simply a great subscription box to get your kids to enjoy reading at an early age.




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Can I gift these?

Yes. Simply put they have the option on their website to order the books for yourself and children or to give it as a gift. As my son gets older and invited to parties, this will definitely be on my top list to give as a gift. It’s also a great gift for anyone for holidays. Even if you only wanted to give one book, that’s possible as each book is individually wrapped, so any book given as a gift is a surprise for everyone. Just be smart about which set you get as a gift based of the child’s age it will be going to. Another thing to consider is how rough the child is with books. If they tear paper pages easily still around age 2.5-3 then going with a board book set may be a better option.

Bookroo book collection


Do you have a favorite book, if so what is it? Also, do you plan to get yourself or a friend a subscription to Bookroo as a gift? 



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