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The Ollie World – A Swaddle Like No Other

If you are anything like me and swaddling, you just never get a good swaddle like the nurses and doctors seem to get in the hospital. The ones from the hospital seem amazing but I can never get them to stay tight. The Ollie World swaddle is fantastic though!

This swaddle is known as the Smarter Swaddle. It’s a one size fits all with its three large pieces of Velcro to adjust to the proper size you need.

The material is soft and stretchy. It’s a moisture wicking fabric to help reduce the risks of overheating.

Ollie World swaddles offer a custom fit to meet the size needs of your little one. It also provides easy access for diaper changes when needed overnight or anytime the swaddle is being used.

Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World

The Ollie Swaddle is totally gift worthy. It is available in four wonderful colours; stone, sky, lavender, and meadow. It’s also wonderfully packaged in a reusable box. Included is a machine wash bag to help keep your swaddle nice and soft. They are only $59 each or you can get two for $99. It’s totally worth the price! Save 10% off your purchase here!

The Ollie World Swaddle helps to maintain supine position. It is designed to help ease the transition from the womb. Another feature is to help decrease irritability and promote self soothing. Further it enhances the quality of sleep to improve rest and cycle regulation.

Step by Step

Looking for how to use the Ollie Swaddle properly? Here’s a step by step guide on how to use it as it doesn’t go over the shoulders like your typical swaddles do.

Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World

1. Lay the swaddle down

Place the swaddle down on a flat surface and place the head on the “hill” part. Be sure to also have the shoulders slightly above the top as well.

Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World

2. Begin the Wrap

Take the right side of the wrap and fold it across the top of your little one. Tuck it under your little one’s right side.

Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World3. Wrap the other side

Take the left side of the wrap and stretch it across and secure it using the Velcro. There are three pieces (top, middle, and bottom) to Velcro. This allows for it to fit your little one, regardless of size.

Olle Swaddle by The Ollie World

4. Tie the bottom

Take the elastic at the bottom and tie the bottom section of the swaddle. This helps to make sure the swaddle stays in place while in use.

Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World







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Ollie Swaddle by The Ollie World
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6 thoughts on “The Ollie World – A Swaddle Like No Other

  1. These are so much nicer than the swaddling blankets available when my kids were babies. My friend is pregnant and this would be a perfect gift for her baby shower!

    1. I agree. They stay and fit better and are a really good swaddle for sure. I’m sure your friend would love one.

  2. I remember when mine were little like they and they all LOVED the swaddle. They look so cute all wrapped up too. I used to call my son my little baked potato.

    1. That’s so cute. I called my son my little nugget when he was swaddles. My daughter I call a mermaid because she is always lifting her legs when swaddled and it looks like a mermaid flapping their tail.

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