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Photographer Gift Ideas – The Ultimate Gift Guide

Photographers Gift Ideas - Gift Ideas for Photographers

The holidays are right around the corner and that means it’s time to get busy shopping. If you are shopping for a photographer, you may struggle with deciding what to get them. This is a guide of ideas of what you can get them no matter what your budget is. This post is filled with photographer gift ideas that are sure to be loved.

Here is a post that is loaded with ideas, gifts, and gadgets for the photographer in your life. If you are a photographer, let me know which of these you own and which items are on your list or will be added to your holiday list.

A few of my personal top picks are the tripod, film, and iPhone accessories but there’s so much more included on this list such as camera bags and mugs too!

Photographers Gift Ideas - Gift Ideas for Photographers

Photographer Gift Ideas

1. 3 Legged Thing Tripod

A tripod is something you never want to skimp out on. Don’t go cheap on one and be sure you invest in one that is quality. This particular tripod from 3 legged thing is absolutely perfect and fantastic for traveling as well.

2. Aputure Mini LED Light

This light is amazing. It’s perfect for adding extra light to any situation you may find yourself having to shoot it. Whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, it’ll help brighten up the area. This company makes a few different varieties but this light is definitely my favorite that I’ve used.

Aputure LED Mini Light - Photographer Videographer Gift Ideas

3. Waterproof Leather DSLR Camera Bag

A beautiful antique style waterproof camera bag made of PU leather is stylish and helpful. It can hold a DSLR camera and two lenses.

Leather Waterproof Camera Bag - Photography Gift Ideas for the Holidays

4. Impossible Film

If you know someone who shoots with a polaroid still then you totally need to get them this film pack. This is my go to film for my polaroid camera.

5. Telephoto Lens for Cell Phone

Sure, this will make your phone look funky but it is a lens that works perfect for those iPhone users but can also be used on Androids as well. It includes a telephoto and a wide angle lens and is perfect for those who enjoy using their phone to capture images.

6. Cuff Links

A camera inspired cuff link and tie clip set. It’s perfect for the photographer who likes to dress up and wear a suit. It’s seriously so awesome and creative.

7. Camera Lens Mug

A mug that you can have for coffee or tea that also shows your love for photography is a great gift to give. There are many different varieties and option whether you shoot with Canon or Nikon.

8. Camera Bookends

Not everyone may be a big reader but if you know someone who loves reading and taking photographs then this is a perfect gift. They are old-style vintage bookends. You can also gift these and a few photography books to someone as well.

Camera Bookends - Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

9. Lens Cleaning System

Here is a gift to give that most beginner photographers don’t typically think to purchase. Keeping your gear clean is important and this is a perfect tool for them to use.

10. Portable Lightbox Studio

If you know someone who does product photography or is wanting to learn product photography, here is a gift for them. This is a small pop-up tent that allows one to photograph small objects.

Portable Lightbox Foldio - Photographer Holiday Gift Ideas

11. Time Lapse Tripod Head

here is a perfect tool to mount your camera to in order to get a fantastic panoramic shot. It’s suitable for cameras doing time-lapse videos. It’s also usable for GoPro cameras, smartphones, and any camera up to 4 pounds.

12. Portable Reflector

This is great for any photographer to have in their bag. It’s also useful for anyone who wants to step up their Instagram portraits that they have their friends take. It can double the available light which allows you to light up your subject and shoot during midday.

13. Thermal Fingerless Gloves

Perfect for keeping your hands warm while out in the cold temperatures taking photographs. These gloves allow you to click your camera buttons or text with ease.

14. Camera Cookie Cutters

If you know a photographer who enjoys baking then help keep them creative in the kitchen by getting them a set of these rad cookie cutters.

Camera Cookie Cutter - Photographer Gift Ideas

15. Polaroid Shirt

Looking for the perfect shirt for a photographer? Here is a super cool polaroid camera t-shirt.

16. Olympus Camera

This is the absolute best gift for the person who is wanting to get serious about their photography without investing in a DSLR yet. It’s a great quality camera with WiFi built in and will let that photographer in your life get off their phone and use a camera with many functions and features.

Olympus Pen Camera - Photographers Gift Ideas

Let me know your photographer gift ideas in the comments below. What are gifts you want as a photographer regardless of your skill level?

Photographers Gift Ideas - Gift Giving Guide for Photographers

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