Save Money on Groceries

save money on groceries

A few simple tips go a long way when you’re trying to save money. Budgeting is a huge factor in this. Nobody wants to be in debt, or well nobody should want that. Also, clipping coupons can be time consuming. This list is helpful without the use of coupons. Coupons are a bonus though!

Save Money

1. Know what you have

Know what you have in your house for food. Keeping a list of what is stocked in your fridge and freezer is beneficial. Also keep note of what is in your pantry. This will be helpful in knowing what you need and don’t need.

2. Meal Planning 

Planning out meals helps to make sure you have you’ll need. It’ll also help you to not purchase extra foods. Plus cooking your own food instead of buying already made food will save you money.

3. Get cash back 

I absolutely love using the app Ibotta! It’s super easy to use and so far I’ve saved about $85. Sign up with this code and you’ll earn a free $10 on the app.

Save on Groceries

4. Make an actual list

Make a list and Stick To It. Totally easier said than done but trust me, you can do this! Without a list I’d buy things I don’t even need and my husband would probably be worse than me.

5. Get Store Brand

Most times getting the store brand or the generic brand will save you money. Even on a sale, typically the store brand will save you money. Even a few pennies can add up to big savings.

6. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk saves you money. This is fantastic but you also need to make sure you have the space for the food (not all of us have a deep freezer for extra storage). Gavin a food saver will be good for storing extra food you won’t use this week but will use next week.

7. Use cash

This is a tip I totally need to follow more often myself. Using cash instead of a credit/debt card will help you from over spending. You can only purchase what your cash will allow you to get. Of course it’s helpful to have an average cost for each item on your list.

8. Check your Appetite

This is a simple and easy tip. If you shop while you are hungry you’re more likely to impulse buy things you don’t need. Don’t go get your groceries while you are hungry. If you do, all the planning you’ve done won’t be beneficial as you’ll over spend.


What are some of your tips, tricks, and other advice you have to saving money on your grocery shopping trips? What was your favorite tip listed above? Let me know in the comments them below.

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2 thoughts on “Save Money on Groceries

    1. I always would overspend. But with cash and budgeting I’ve learned to stick to my list.

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