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The Craziest Talent You Can Find Only On Special Guest App

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Special Guest App is known for its wide variety of talent that is available on the platform. However, when most people think of live entertainment and talent, they immediately think of more traditional performers such as singers and dancers. Although Special Guest App does have a large amount of traditional performers, the platform is also home to a wide variety of unique and crazy talent. These types of performers can add a spark and lots on intrigue to any party or event that they perform at. If you’re looking for something to really spice up the event you’re planning, then look no further than these talented performers. Here are some of the craziest talent that you can find only on Special Guest App.



Jin may be listed as a magician on the Special Guest platform, but he is no ordinary trickster. A self-dubbed “mystifier”, Jin specializes in challenging the perceptions of his audience. Jin claims his shows are so mystifying that they will leave audience members wondering who they really are and what reality means. Jin has also performed acts for stars such as Cesar Millan and Son of Texas. He also has a movie called Conscious Destiny. If you’re looking to be amazed and question reality, then Jin might just be the crazy act you’re looking for.


Miss MichelleBell

Hula hoop artists are a little known commodity, but Miss MichelleBell isn’t an ordinary hula hoop artist. Miss MichelleBell also incorporates things like fire performances and stilt walking into her acts. She has traveled all over the country to many different states honing her acts. Audience members can see her breathe fire through her hula hoops, or stilt walk while she balances them. Its an awe inspiring  crazy performance that one could only find on Special Guest App.


American Acrobats

For over thirty years the American Acrobats have been a leader in their performance industry. The American Acrobats provide all sorts of kicks, jumps, aerial tricks, and balancing acts that you could possibly want to see. They also are very flexible, ranging from a single performer to a fully produced show. They are known for their thrilling stunts, so this act is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a crazy exciting act with a long history of success, then look no further than the American Acrobats.


Flavio Flutes

Not all musicians are cookie-cutter pop acts, as many bring a unique twist to music. Flavio Martinez is one of these unique musical acts. Flavio plays South American music on his flute, offering a unique musical twist to any live event. In addition, Flavio can also play the guitar and sing, adding a more standard element to his repertoire. His songs also range from easy soothing songs to more upbeat festive songs. If you’re looking to inject a little bit of international culture into your live event, than Flavio may just be the crazy unique international act to do it.


Special Guest App - Find Talent in Your Area

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